If you’ve ever had a hard time getting your band back due to stained carpets, you’re not alone. It is a very common problem that we at Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth hear far too often from tenants when it is time to leave a property.

Calling it Factor Number One is a rare factor. There is no other factor that is of greater importance in giving you all your bond back.

Sure, there are other important items to consider, but if your carpets are left in less condition than when your lease began, a battle is likely on your hands.

The first thing a property manager notices

As the saying goes, “First impressions count.” As soon as the property manager enters the premises, his eyes immediately examine the general condition of the carpets. You can set a positive or negative tone with your final inspection. Freshly cleaned carpets “set the stage” and give your manager a positive attitude. From there, you will probably find that your inspection will go much more seamlessly.

Calls the attention of other small wear

Professionally cleaned, stain-free carpets can help the property manager eliminate other minor problems and allow them to miss some small items for inspection and pay less attention.

Alternatively, if your carpets are damaged or poorly cleaned, the negative focus will quickly change and each item on your “Exit Report” will be examined much more closely. “Now where is that comic?”

One of the most expensive things they will try to do is get you

From the beginning, you will see that this will cost you “a lot.”

First, your property manager requires you to take back your carpet cleaner to get the job done again. Since they didn’t do a very good job in the first place, the second try is unlikely to make much of a difference. If this is the case, the property manager will insist that you have your own carpet cleaner to come in and re-clean the carpets. Your gang is in danger now!

Also, they will likely call their bail cleaner again, as now your property manager has selected every detail. If you clean the band yourself, expect to spend many more hours cleaning the house you moved into. There is nothing worse than having to move to your new place.

Wine stains largely guarantee that you will not regain your bond

Wine stains, especially red wine, ensure a smooth bond. In fact, add to that any serious stains like urine, blood, vomit, and the like, and your bandage is great, so say goodbye to the full refund.

It is extremely difficult to eradicate all the stains and odors mentioned above. Improper methods of removing these stains are the main reason for putting the stain on your carpets, so once a stain is fixed, it remains there for the entire life of the carpet.

There are many myths about the best ways to move towards stain removal; just do a quick google search and you will find many different solutions to the same problem.

If you don’t use a professional carpet cleaner like Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth, there is a chance that the wrong method will be used and from that point there is no going back.

Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning to Get Your Full Bond Back

Always consult a professional carpet cleaner regarding your concerns regarding stain removal and carpet cleaning.

Take our advice. We are very professional and experienced in carpet cleaning and stain removal.

Don’t stay away from cow carpet cleaners. They may look good at the time, but if they seem too good to be true, they probably are.

Don’t take the opportunity to trust Google. Just because you find a solution to remove stains on the Internet, it does not mean that it is the best or the best approach.

Please do not try to wipe the stains hard to remove the wrong method. You will highlight the problem

Don’t take any chances and bet on the refund of your deposit.

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