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The end of a lease must be cleared if you move out of a premises. It doesn’t matter if you are renting or just selling your home, the cleaning will ensure that every inch of the house is covered and cleaned from top to bottom, and ready for the next tenant.

At End of Perth Cleaning Perth, we are in the Perth area and specialize in rent end cleaning. We provide quality service at an excellent price for domestic areas and commercial businesses.

Why should I book a lease end cleanup?

Lease end cleaning helps eliminate the stress of moving, allowing you to focus on moving into your new, worry-free home.

Give your home a professional cleaning after you move in to ensure an urgent property.

Save time by hiring a professional service

The cleaning process is gentle, quick and saves you time. Your property should be ready for any new tenant, so a professional cleaning service will ensure that your landlord is satisfied with the cleanliness of your property, no matter how high your standards are.

Compliance with your landlord’s standards will help ensure you get your bond. This works for both post-tenancy and pre-tenancy cleanups, making it a winning case.

Get a professional cleaning from Vacate

Perth cleaning teams are usually made up of well-trained, trained and efficient professional cleaners.

Properties are cleaned every day in Perth for renters, homeowners, homeowners, real estate agencies, property managers and caretakers, to help properties stay looking new.

Lease end cleaning provides thorough cleaning, with a thorough home inspection.

What does normal lease end cleaning involve?

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Lease end cleaning is designed to be a thorough cleaning. Usually:

Powder in every room to ensure that every inch of the house is spot free,

Cuboids and dust are removed from high ceilings and shelves,

Clean all curtain rails, baseboards, lights and light switches,

Windows and mirrors are also included with thorough cleaning to ensure that no marks remain for the next tenant.

All door tops and shelves are cleaned, including inside and around the fireplace and door handles, as they will be touched at countless times.

Common mistakes made during cleaning

People often focus on keeping a house clean, but forget about hiding places high up or behind furniture. Lease end cleaners in Perth are known for their professionalism and efficiency, so they can easily help with these often missed areas.

Kitchen areas

The Immaculate Kitchen has removed molds, dirt, and stains or food deposits left over a long period of time.


The curtains are cleaned and emptied, to ensure that dust or cobwebs do not mix within the curtain material.


Hand in a yellow glove with a purple and white toothbrush while scrubbing grout in a bathroom. There is a soap scum in which the grout has been cleaned and the bottom of a toilet bowl at the bottom. The words Perth Home Cleaners are on the floor.

The bathroom is known for accumulating dirt and scale, which is why cleaners spend a significant amount of time in the smallest cracks and corners in the bathroom.

The claws of sinks, showers and bath taps are usually cleaned with a cloth made of a particular material; any marks or wear is polished and the taps are left as new

Any hair or dirt found in the drain is removed and the drain is cleaned to allow the drain system to flow freely. Both sides, shower screens and walls are cleaned and sanitized on any scale of construction that may be built up.

Lease end cleaning should focus on kitchen and bathroom appliances, such as the oven, which accumulate a lot of grease and food stains with heavy use and should be cleaned with a degrading solvent, which is also used on grids. And countertops in which goods are located. Food is cooked and prepared.

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