People often see private cleaners as a way to save money. This brings to mind the saying “there is always someone willing to do it cheaper.” And no, their existence is not just a gimmick by evil corporations who want to steal the jobs of these poor, hardworking self-employed janitors. There is definitely merit in the saying, and today, we are going to show you why.

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog. With today’s post we are going to address the situation of “companies or freelancers”. In our line of work, this is one of the so-called “perennial” debates. It is a topic that is always discussed by both clients and professionals. This is why we have decided that it deserves a detailed look. We will do our best to be objective here, and we will address both sides of the situation, showing you the ups and downs of each option.

House Cleaning services are a very lucrative and competitive niche. A niche where the demand is always high, but competent service providers are in short supply. The situation has resulted in numerous cleaning companies, the staff of which is only a handful of employees. However, they all have their own websites, professional pages, accreditations, offices, etc. But are they all the same?

Are they all on an equal footing? Of course not. The free market allows, encourages, and thrives on competition. But for your average customer, choosing the right service providers that really pay off can be a challenge.


The simple truth of the matter is that too many options can be overwhelming. Finding so many professional cleaning companies, reading their websites and making phone calls is time consuming and annoying. That’s exactly what happens to most people – they get confused and ultimately upset by the sheer length of their search.

On the other hand, you also have autonomous cleaners. Cleaners who work on their own, without being employees of a PROFESSIONAL CLEANING COMPANIES. Online platforms and ads make it much easier to find and compare freelancers by reviews and ratings. However, there are some obvious downsides to choosing a freelancer.

There are no guarantees of experience.

While it’s easy to check how long ago a cleaning company was founded, there is no way to reliably know how experienced a private cleaner is. They may have thirty years of experience under their belt, or they may be doing this temporarily while seeking a position in some other field.

You have to trust a complete outsider

Companies have a brand and years of reputation at stake. Private cleaners, on the other hand, don’t have to worry as much about it. Sure, reputation is important to a dedicated freelancer too, but, in the grand scheme of things, losing a large number of clients or having to rebrand and start over is not worth the risk for an established company.

Replacements and days off

Finding an experienced and trusted service provider is hard enough, even when you don’t factor in vacations, days off, or work hours. On such occasions, a reputable company will be able to provide you with a temporary replacement quickly. A private cleaner, on the other hand, will have no choice but to leave you hanging.

At the end of the day, we all need some downtime. Dust and bacteria in your home, however, don’t take days off. The dust will keep collecting until there is someone who can deal with it. When neglected, the cleaning chores will add up, requiring double or even triple the amount of work (and, naturally, the price).

Despite what some may say, cleaning is not an easy job. Not if you want to get it right, at least. There are many things a good cleaner need to know, and obtaining this knowledge comes with experience and training.


Okay, now let’s see where the price discrepancy comes from. Your average private cleaner will charge you between 10 and 15. Most cleaning companies (ASP Cleaning included) will ask for around 15. This is because, unlike private cleaning contractors, established companies offer a full-service package, instead of “just cleaning”.

  • Professional cleaning companies will almost always be able to provide you with a replacement expert in the event that your designated cleaner is unable to do so in time. Freelancers can’t do that, by virtue of working alone. When they are tired, busy, sick or worried, you will have no choice but to postpone their cleaning session.
  • The Cleaning companies will be more than happy to hear complaints and will do everything in their power to provide you with top-of-the-line service. Private cleaners only have their own skills and experience to leverage, while a company may send in a different expert, provide more tools for the job, or take a completely different approach, depending on your specific requirements.
  • Cleaning companies will always provide a designated supervisor for your project. Private cleaners can only trust themselves.
  • Cleaning companies offer extensive customer support. You can pick up your phone and contact your service provider at any time. You can make adjustments, ask questions, or request assistance whenever you want. A solo show is no match for an entire full-time customer service team.
  • Cleaning companies are fully insured. There are numerous laws, regulations, and requirements (not to mention the competition!) That require comprehensive insurance policies. Private cleaners have no such obligations (and some plans are only available at the company level).
  • Cleaning companies treasure their reputations. In a field as competitive as ours, reputation is everything. The bigger the company, the harder it will try to protect its good name. A private cleaner can always change brands or change their platform.
  • Cleaning companies offer consistency. There are always replacement cleaners, ready to take your project back in case the unexpected happens. Private cleaners do not offer such continuity. They may simply decide that they are done with this type of business and you will have to go through the entire process of finding a new cleaner from scratch.
  • Cleaning companies invest in their employees. A good part of our resources goes into ensuring that our employees are up to date with best practices in the field.

We provide them with extensive training courses and modern equipment. Private cleaners, on the other hand, are unlikely to spend their income on training.

  • Are these private cleaners examined?
  • Are they properly trained?
  • Are they properly insured?
  • Can you even call someone other than the cleaner in case a problem arises?
  • Is there a way to talk to the cleaner, either face to face or over the phone?

Answers to the first three questions will generally go unanswered. You will simply have to take their word for it. The last point, however, will almost always be a “no”, at least until you hire someone. The reason is quite simple: these platforms provide a valuable service and naturally receive a commission from the cleaners in return. But if you could get the cleaner’s phone number and go directly to it, the platform has no way of making money from it.

As a side note, all of these issues are very important, regardless of the industry. This is why most people prefer to work with agencies and companies, rather than relying on freelancers (which creates even fiercer competition on platforms, further lowering average cleaning prices, drives away trained people and reduces overall quality of service as a result).


The only thing that private cleaners have in companies is the lowest price, but, as we discussed, that is just an illusion. A company, backed by a team of professionals, has the ability to provide you with a comprehensive service, while a freelancer can only rely on himself.

There is no realistic way for a single person to match the overall quality of service that a group of dedicated experts can reliably provide. And while we are a bit biased, being a cleaning company and all that, we really do have your best interests in mind. If we believed that private cleaners are better than companies, we would not be in this business.

Still, we think that a full description of the situation would be beneficial, both for you as a customer and for us as a service provider. Before we finish for today, we will naturally also give you a quick presentation of our services.


Choose ASP Cleaning as your exclusive provider of domestic or commercial cleaning services and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fully Tested, Trained and Insured Cleaners (20+ Years of Experience)
  • Fast, efficient and effective cleaning methods (the job is done before you know it)
  • Innovative techniques and green initiatives (modern approaches and green solutions)
  • Exceptional continuity (dedicated cleaners for your projects and subscriptions)
  • Professional account management (a dedicated account manager for your contract)
  • Friendly customer support (available at all times)
  • Modern mobile app (receive real-time updates on the progress of your cleaner)
  • Innovative online system, with automated login, allowing access to your dedicated account (complete with detailed reports and before and after images
  • Exclusive bonuses and special offers ales

Our innovative digital system allows you to quickly and easily contact your dedicated cleaning expert, check your progress, receive real-time updates, and enjoy detailed reports, with before and after images.

In addition, our cleaning company frequently offers promotional offers with discounts and various bonuses:

  • Enjoy lucrative discounts on landscaping, garbage removal, furnace, carpet, upholstery, or window cleaning.
  • Benefit from exceptional continuity and package deals for housekeeping and housekeeping – ironing, shopping, painting, housekeeping, and more

And, with this, we come to the end of today’s blog post. We hope you found this information interesting and that we have made your choice at least a little easier. If you liked this article and we would like you to share it with your friends and approve it on social networks. We really appreciate it. As always, if you have any questions or think we’ve missed something, feel free to let us know in the comments below. We will always be delighted to hear from you.