Regular cleaning is crucial for keeping your house healthy. When you regularly clean your house, you get to prevent and mitigate harmful viruses, bacteria, and pests such as bedbugs, silverfish, and moths. If you let your house get dirty, you will harm yourself. Moreover, as we are living during the coronavirus pandemic, regular cleaning has become even more importance. Hence, you need to keep house clean and germs free.

If you tend to struggle with maintaining your home and want to know how to keep house clean and germs free, you have nothing to worry about as we share the top tips to clean your home. You can take advantage of these tips to keep your house perfectly clean. It is vital that you take heed to cleaning and do not let mess take over. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

  1. Wash the Bath Towel after Three Uses

One of the best ways to keep your house clean and germs free is by washing your bath towel after every three uses. There is no reason for you to wait around. When you dry yourself using a towel, the towel becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Urinary, anal, and salivary secretions, dead skin cells, and fungi can linger in the bathroom and will hop onto the towel as you make your way to the toilet. As these microbes are extremely harmful and tend to quickly multiply when the towel is damp, you need to wash the bath towel regularly.

  1. Wash the Bed Sheets Every Week

To keep house clean and germs free, you also have to wash the bed sheets every week. If you think that your towel is dirty, your bed sheets are even dirtier. The bed sheets have spores of fungi, finishing agents of the material the bed sheets are made of, lint, soil, pollen, animal dander, bacteria, coloring material, and excrements from your body such as skin cells, urine milieu, anal and vaginal excretions, and sweat. Moreover, there are likely to be cosmetics that will be found on the bed sheet like creams and oils. Then, there are also dust mites. Therefore, you have to wash your bed sheet every week.

  1. Use Pillow and Mattress Allergy Barriers

Since allergy rates are on the rise, it is important to take care of yourself. Since you spend a ton of time on your bed and sofa, you need to use pillow and mattress allergy barriers. The synthetic and feather pillows tend to be up to 20 years old. Thus, they are likely to contain different species of fungus. To keep your house clean and germs free, you have no option but to seal your mattress and pillows with a water-proof allergy barrier.

  1. Sanitize the Kitchen Sponge after Each Use

The kitchen sponge is an ideal breeding ground for all types of microbes. The moist, warm, and nourishing environment supplies these microbes with the perfect place to thrive. All kinds of nasty bacteria can be found in sponges. They tend to cause skin and gut infections. Regardless of how many times you rinse the sponge, you cannot eradicate these germs. Therefore, it is advised to disinfect the sponge after each use.

  1. Allow the Toothbrush to Air Dry

The toothbrush should not be left inside the cabinet. Instead, you should place it in the open in order for it to air dry. Although the burst of aerosolized toilet water sprays into the air, you still need to ensure that the brush is air dried. Place it in the medicine cabinet as it would be exposed to air but not toilet debris.

  1. Wipe the Smartphone and Remote Clean Every Few Days

Let’s face it. Your hands tend to be very dirty. When you touch your smartphone and remote, they will also become very dirty. The nasty viruses and bacteria will be transferred from your hands onto the smartphone and remote. Therefore, you have to use a microfiber cloth to wipe them clean every few days.

  1. Steam Clean the Hardwood Floors Every Month

Although hardwood floors are less likely to have germs as carpets or rugs, they still trap all types of debris. In order to keep your house in perfect condition, you need to steam clean the hardwood floors each month. It will allow you to get rid of lingering germs that might have hopped from your pets, toilet, or even food such as raw chicken.


Keep your house clean and germs free just got a whole lot easier with our post. Take advantage of the tips mentioned above to maintain a clean home. You will be grateful for the advice when you see the results. Do not overlook the tips as they will keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Ways to Keep Your House Clean and Germs Free